[SOLD] almost unused Model 01, quiet click, in London UK

Item: Model 01, quiet keys
Price: £200 + shipping
Condition: Like new, almost unused. Firmware updated to add # and ~ to UK layout.
Location: London UK

I really wanted to love this, but I found the unique layout slowed me down too much and I don’t have the time (or patience :cry:) to re-program my brain to use the keyboard. I think instead of leaving it sitting in the box I should sell it to somebody who will use it.

It’s in the original box and in as-new condition. The only thing that’s not in the original condition is that I flashed the firmware to add the # and ~ keys to the FUNCTION layer, because those keys are unavailable when using a UK layout with the Model 01. If you prefer I can restore the original firmware, or update it to the latest upstream firmware.

Price is £200 plus whatever shipping costs to your location.

My changes to the firmware are visible at https://github.com/jwakely/Model01-Firmware/commit/ca00fbbed51cf9303fd43aba9898195b241ea255

Im interested in buying your keyboard.

Me too - let me know in case OB3RG changes his mind.

Same, I’m interested too if the other drop out! I live in the UK and pass by London sometimes.

This has been sold now.