[sold] For Sale: Keyboardio Model 01 quiet click [Charlotte, North Carolina]

Item: Model 01
Price: $275 within CONUS
Condition: Like New
Location: Charlotte, NC

I tried getting used to typing on the Model 01 several times, but it just didn’t click for me. I’d guess the longest attempt was an hour or so of tortuously slow typing. I now have a Dactyl Manuform, and that suits me much better, so the Model 01 needs to go. Everything that originally came with the keyboard is included. The keymap card isn’t pictured, but it’s there as well.

Hey I’m very interested in buying this from you. Does your price include shipping?

Feel free to email for further discussion.

Hey, thank you for the interest. I’m replying here rather than via email, because I don’t see a way to access your email through the forum interface. The listed price does include shipping within the continental Unitied States. I’m willing to ship elsewhere, but there would be additional cost. My username is the same as my Gmail account, so you can reach me there.

The keyboard has been sold.