[SOLD] Free keycaps for Model 01

Item: Plain black (1 set) or unpainted (2 sets)
Price: Shipping cost!
Condtion: Brand New!
Location: San Francisco, CA

Through a combination of purchasing and dumb luck I have 3 sets of Model 01 keycaps that are not being used. 1 set is plain black, no legends. The other two are unpainted translucent. I’m happy to ship anywhere you’re willing to pay the shipping cost, whatever combination of keys you want.

I’m interested in an unpainted set. I’ve sent you a message.

Sent a message as well. Very interested in these!

If both of the unpainted have not gone I would be interested.

Unpainted caps are taken! Thanks for the messages - I’ll reply to each of them.

Hi Joe:
I have a Colemak and a clear set that have been paid for and never showed up. They don’t seem to be forthcoming. I would love to pay the shipping for one of your clear sets & the set of plain black. Are they still available?


Sorry man, they’re all gone.