[SOLD] Model 01 Keyboardio - Quiet Click - New in box - WI

I did a lot of typing for work, but I between the time I ordered and I received the keyboard I had a job change as well as developed some health issues. At this time I don’t want to make the effort to adjust to the board, and also need the $ for other expenses.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Will ship. Asking $330, including shipping. received a week or so ago, from MP3 I believe.

Thank you!

I’ll take it…new to the forum and unable to initiate private messages, so please email wergythubuyer@gmail.com.

okay, i just posted it on ebay. maybe that’s the best way for us to do the transaction?

Done and done, unless someone else is selling an MP3 qc from WI :grin:

ok cool. that’s me! :stuck_out_tongue: