[SOLD!]: Model 01 quiet click, Qwerty, barely used, (Europe)

Hello all,

Well I love this thing. I loved the whole Kickstarter journey we went on, all the updates were amazing. I love the way it looks (it is beautiful) – but, I guess I am too old for change. I can’t get on with it, so I think it’s best it goes to a good home where it’ll be more than just an ornament :slight_smile:

Located in the UK, but I’ll ship to anywhere you’re willing to pay :slight_smile: If you ping me a message to say you’re interested, then I’ll get a quote for shipping and let you know what it’ll cost. I’d suggest keeping within Europe is most sensible, else you’re going to have expensive shipping and import duties to take care of.

All original packaging is included, and of course it is in as new condition (I’ve probably given it an hour of use – yes, I could give it more, but I’m quitting now whilst it’s still in pristine condition).

Price? What’s fair, 250 UKP? I paid 350 as a kickstarter backer, so I’d say that’s a bargain …



Interested. Send me a PM and we can discuss it.

Thanks. Mark

Message sent Mark. Let me know. Cheers.

Still for sale folks!

I’m definitely interested, although you may have to message me due to newness.

Is this still for sale?

I think the subject gives it away :wink:

I noticed just as I hit send. The post was held as it was my first and I asked for it to be deleted.
Oh well :slight_smile:

:grin: Ha ha! No harm done