[SOLD] Model 01 (Quiet Click) US-CA

Item : Model 01 (Quiet Click)
Price : $200 + shipping
Condtion : Slightly Used (for a couple weeks)
Location : SF, CA, USA (LA in a few weeks)

I simply don’t have the desk space for a separate keyboard anymore, just going to have to settle with the laptop keys.

I no longer have the laminate keyboard guide, but I do have the packaging the keyboard shipped with + accessories. One of the rubber foot/nubs fell off early on, which I have attempted to glue back on. Ultimately had no effect for me since I used the octo feet anyway. I can add more relevant pictures later today.

Hi, I’m interested. I live in New Zealand though, so can you get me a quote for shipping?

Hm, NZ might be tough. Responding via DM!

Adding a couple different angles of the superglue-job.

Hi, I’m also interested, and living in Missouri, USA. If this is still available, I’d love to purchase it.