SpaceCadet space and shift on same key, advice?

I’ve been using SpaceCadet:

  • to give me brackets on modifiers
  • solve the issue of having one few too thumb keys for modifiers

However I’ve been having some troubles with this setup of Space & Shift. Sometimes the Shift triggers and capitalizes the next word instead of emitting a Space.

I don’t think I am letting go of the Shift too late, I think there’s some timeout for modifiers still taking effect even when let go before pushing the next key. Though perhaps I am.

Has anyone tried Space and a modifier with SpaceCadet before? Any tips?

  static kaleidoscope::plugin::SpaceCadet::KeyBinding spacecadetmap[] = {
    {Key_LeftControl, Key_LeftBracket, 250}, 
    {Key_LeftShift, Key_Space, 250}, 
    {Key_LeftGui, Key_LeftParen, 250}, 
    {Key_LeftAlt, Key_LeftCurlyBracket, 250}, 

    {Key_RightAlt, Key_RightCurlyBracket, 250},
    {Key_RightGui, Key_RightParen, 250},
    {Key_RightShift, Key_Backspace, 250},
    {Key_RightControl, Key_RightBracket, 250},
  }; = spacecadetmap;

I think it’s most likely that you’re not quite releasing shift before pressing the next key. It’s possible that there’s a bug, but there’s no extra timeout extending the length of time that the shift is held, unless you’re also using something else like like OneShot.

You could try using Qukeys instead of SpaceCadet, and see if that makes a difference. If the keymap entry for a Qukey object is a modifier and the alternate Key is not, it will behave just like a SpaceCadet key.