Subcategories for finer-grained filtering of discussions

I think it would be helpful if there were more category divisions. In particular, it would be nice if there was a “Programming/Q&A” subcategory or something similar for informational questions about how Kaleidoscope works internally.

With the amount of traffic currently on the forum, I’m sure there are other useful divisions that could be made to help those of us who don’t have time to read it all in deciding which topics to give our attention to and which to ignore (or mute).


I’m leery of going overboard, before we have “a bunch” of discussions that fit in a given category. (I’ve spent a lot of time developing those kind of ontologies and then finding we didn’t factor right.)

For the specific case you describe, I’m going to create “Programming / Kaleidoscope Internals”

As folks find other categories that we can move a bunch of discussions into, please request them here.


That totally works for me. Thanks!

I’ll feel much more comfortable discussing questions about minor details this way.