Testing Keyboardio in Northern Germany


I am looking for a truly ergonomic keyboard. I really like the idea of a split keyboard where I could place my tablet in between the two halves. I am working with Linux and will need a German layout. Before considering to invest in a Keyboardio I would appreciate to talk to someone who is working with Keyboardio already (German QWERTZ layout) and will let me know about his/hers experiences. Possibly there is someone at Bremen or nearby where I could see and test it. I’d be grateful about any feedback.

After browsing through different topics I am a bit insecure about the follwing issues:

  • a proper German layout (QWERTZ) due to the available number of keys
  • the lack of labeled keys for a German layout (and therefore the necessity to either use the default keys or blanks or relable the blanks)


Hi Martin,
my keyboardio and I are sitting near Osnabrück, you are welcome to come over for a testing session if that’s not too far for you! I am not using a standard German layout but my own one-handed layout, but you could remap it in whatever way you wanted (I’ve got blank keys). I would just need to know some time in advance since the right half of my keyboardio is 30 km away from where I am.
Feel free to get in touch! :slight_smile:


Hi @kleemarie, that sounds great. I am not in a hurry, so basically I am thinking of something within the nex few weeks.

I am a bit hesitant in general mainly because I am not at all sure that triple taps or a modifier solution will work for me for the German Umlaute. So I had a look at ErgoDox which might also a solution for me. Probably best to get a feeling for it so thanks a lot for your offer. I will contact you via pm.

I’m german, too. I place the umlauts at the position of the corresponding vowel keys and the ß at the s-key on a dedicated layer that I shift to. I use this on the Model01, the ErgoDox EZ and the Planck. Was easy to get accustomed to. Unfortunately, I live in the south of germany, probably too far away for a testing session.

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