Text Output with German Language

Hello all,

I put a macro on a key similar to the version macro.
But unfortunately the keyboardio only talks english.
That has the effect that the text written in the code is different from what gets written when I press the key.

Is there a way to solve this without doing trial and error to manipulate the text in the code to appear correct in the output?
Can I change or set my keyboardio permanently to German in some way?

Best regards


Hey Boris,

can you post your code and the text it gives out when used?

I found that the names of the keys you find in the code “translate” to whatever the current keymap does with the USB HID definitions. Those are “named” in english but every local keymap translates them to other actual characters. (I’m no keyboard expert :wink: but I have adapted the firmware to map the german neo2 layout.)

You are right, I should paste my code in parts here.

code in question:

#define BUILD_INFORMATION "locally built"
static void versionInfoMacro(uint8_t keyState) {
  if (keyToggledOn(keyState)) {
    Macros.type(PSTR("Keyboardio Model 01 - Kaleidoscope "));

The output in a text editor is: Keyboardio Model 01 - Kaleidoscope locallz built

So the “y” in the editor gets shown as “z” in the text editor due to german language setting?
It is even worse for shift-1…0, the @, umlauts and so on.
This makes it very hard to enter the correct text in case you want to print complete text strings.

Really? Or did it print:

Kezboardio Model 01 - Kaleidoscope locallz built

You are right. I just copied from the code and forgot to change that first y.