Top 5 plugins or macros?

(Bruce Byfield) #1

A general question: What do you consider the top 5 plugins or macros currently available, and why?

(James Cash) #2

For me, OneShot is far & away number one. I guess my two through four would be, in no particular order Macros, MouseKeys, Unicode, DualUse er, SpaceCadet.

(Gergely Nagy) #3
  1. OneShot, because it allows me to use modifiers and layer keys without chording, which in turn makes it so much more practical to move them to the thumb arc. For me, this is essential. I can work without the rest, but without OneShot, I’m useless.
  2. Leader, because it gives me access to actions triggered by a sequence of keys.
  3. TapDance, because it allows me to bind many functions to the same key, without having to use any other key to augment it.
  4. Focus, because through it, I can customize my keyboard without reflashing.
  5. Unicode & Syster, because inputting 🐁 is so much easier as LEAD Syster mouse SPACE than entering - and remembering! - hex codes.

MouseKeys and Macros come close to top 5 too.

(Bruce Byfield) #4

Thanks for these replies. So many macros to try, so little time!

(Stefan Eichberger) #5

I don’t have a top 5 yet, still setting up but I’m using the Heatmap plugin for the bling bling :slight_smile:
and the Macro recorder which is quite fancy


(lasse) #6

I really like DualUse. I got PageDown mapped to LeftGui when held and PageDown when tapped. That works wonders, since I don’t need a windows button very often.

I also use it on my right alt key. When tapped it is AltGr (which works with WinCompose). When held it sends LeftAlt (regular alt modifier).