UK English layout

(Andrew Gallagher) #21

Something funny going on. What’s in your keymaps.h ?


I built from whatever’s on master, so

(Andrew Gallagher) #23

master has merlin2 set as the default geometry, so it should work.

Have you successfully compiled and flashed any other changes? Is your keyboard still using factory defaults by any chance?


Possibly. The flash appeared to work (I got the prompt to press the Program button etc, and there were many blinkenlights on the Model01).

I’ll have a crack at flashing this again tomorrow.

(Andrew Gallagher) #25

master also has changes on the default Fn and Numpad layers, so if you see anything at all that differs from factory then something at least has worked. Check in particular the behaviour of Fn-Tab and Numpad Tab - they should both produce PageUp.