What to do if your enclosure cracks

Just noticed this today. The keyboard has never fallen down or anything. The crack is small, but I’m afraid it’ll get bigger with time. There are also a few other marks that look like they’ll become cracks in the not too distant future.

Is there any way to ‘seal’ them or prevent further damage? They are only on the right halve, so far as I can tell.

Are there things you could try? Sure.

But most of them would void your warranty.

Your best shot is to email help@keyboard.io

Out of curiosity, what kind of environment do you live in?

I live in Germany with moderate climate.

If one were to report this to us -before- attempting mitigations, they wouldn’t necessarily void the warranty :wink:

If the wood is cracking within the warranty period and theres not evidence of mistreatment, you doing something that might stave off future problems or save us from needing to replace that enclosure, we’re happy to approve it.

May I humbly suggest drilling a small hold at/just past the terminus of the crack? Ensure the edge of the hole is centered on the crack. If you desire, a same sized dowel can be glued into the hole as a plug.

You will then want to use a syringe to press some epoxy (or melted black bison wax even) so that the open crack is sealed from moisture going forward.

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