Why does using Qukeys result in "[Error] Exit with code=1"?

Plugin name: Qukeys
Author: Keyboardio
Source URL: https://github.com/keyboardio/Kaleidoscope-Qukeys

I’m trying to setup qukeys in my custom firmware. I included the qukeys header file and added qukeys to KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS() but for some reason I keep getting [Error] Exit with code=1 when verifying my ino.

the 3 lines of code that cause the error are lines 506-508:

    kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 2, 1, Key_LeftGui)

If I comment out those 3 lines, my ino verifies without errors.

Any ideas on what am I doing wrong? I think it may have something to do with how I have setup my keyboard layers but I’m not sure. I tried replacing the “0” above with “PRIMARY” but that still resulted in the same error.

Here is my ino file for reference:

and a screenshot of the error:

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I found out the API I was using was outdated and fixed my problem following the help from this post:

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