Why is there a LeftGui key but no RightGui key?

(Jared Harris) #1

Mostly just curious, I have an updated keymap that works but wonder if I’m committing a faux pas and leaving potential functionality on the table.

(Michael Richters) #2

There’s hardly any software that distinguishes between the two keys. If you need a separate Key_RightGui for something, you can put it in your keymap, but most people don’t.

(Jared Harris) #3

i never heard of software distinguisng between left and right option or control keys either… But there they are…

(Jared Harris) #4

Is there even a separate keycode for Key_RightGui? That would be interesting.

(Gergely Nagy) #5

Yes, there is.

Quite a few do, though. VirtualBox for example defaults to Right Control for input capture, as far as I remember.

(Michael Richters) #6

Lots of software distinguishes between the keycodes for left and right alt (i.e. option) keys. Most significantly, right alt is often interpreted as AltGr.

(Jared Harris) #7

More curiosity: what is ‘AltGr’?

(Gergely Nagy) #8

This is a fairly decent explanation of what it is, and what it is used for.

(flussence) #9

There is one use of it I’m aware of, the Linux console uses LeftGui/RightGui to navigate left/right through VTs.