A Dvorak layout that works when layout is switched to Dvorak in the operating system (Model 01 layout conflicts with software-defined keyboard layout)


(Caleb) #21

I reinstalled and now the primary keys are mapped correctly. I found the ? key!

But the thumb keys are all whack. On the left, ctrl = cmd (I’m on a Mac), bksp = bksp, cmd = shift, and shift = cmd. On the right, shift = option, alt = cmd, space = space, and ctrl = cmd.

Little help?

I think this is the relevant part of the firmware. I have Dvorak set as the primary keymap.

(___, Key_1, Key_2, Key_3, Key_4, Key_5, Key_LEDEffectNext,
Key_Backtick, Key_Q, Key_W, Key_E, Key_R, Key_T, Key_Tab,
Key_Tab, Key_A, Key_S, Key_D, Key_F, Key_G,
___, Key_Z, Key_X, Key_C, Key_V, Key_B, Key_Escape,
Key_LeftControl, Key_Backspace, Key_LeftShift, Key_LeftGui,

Key_PageUp, Key_6, Key_7, Key_8, Key_9, Key_0, LockLayer(NUMPAD),
Key_PageDown, Key_Y, Key_U, Key_I, Key_O, Key_P, Key_LeftBracket,
Key_H, Key_J, Key_K, Key_L, Key_Semicolon, Key_Quote,
Key_Enter, Key_N, Key_M, Key_Comma, Key_Period, Key_Slash, Key_RightBracket,
Key_LeftAlt, Key_RightShift, Key_Spacebar, Key_RightControl,

(Andrew Gallagher) #22

Tyler’s layout is very similar to my class1 (formerly “merlin2”). Under a Dvorak OS keymap, it should come out as:

`',.py fgcrl/
 aoeui dhtns-
 ;qjkx bwmvz=

You will however need to change the bracket keys in the fn layer in order to get actual brackets in Dvorak - the default settings will give you /?=+ instead.

The thumb key definitions are here:

Key_LeftControl, Key_Backspace, Key_LeftShift, Key_LeftGui,


Key_LeftAlt, Key_RightShift, Key_Spacebar, Key_RightControl,

If you replace these respectively with:

Key_LeftControl, Key_Backspace, Key_LeftGui, Key_LeftShift,


Key_RightShift, Key_LeftAlt, Key_Spacebar, Key_RightControl,

it should match the key legends again. I wouldn’t recommend this layout for use with a Mac however.