DVORAK key caps have turned up.. YAY.. but

Isn’t there always a but…

So, I have the keyboard set to QWERTY till so that I don’t have to keep changing the layout on my laptop keyboard as windows is doing the key mapping from QWERTY to DVORAK for me.

I’m a bit disappointed that none of the FN key combinations are marked on the keys any more (such as arrows etc, as were on the QWERTY key sets) and for some reason the following keys are now as marked (I’m sure that can be fixed somehow in the code though), but for reference…

Where ?/ are marked I get ]} instead (? is on fn g and / is on fn r)
Where += are marked I get [{ instead (+ is on fn c and = is on fn l)

There are no marking for the ones I use all the time (}{][|) which are the ones I’m often hunting for.

So… sort of happy, need to move some keys some how… but would love the others to have been marked as they were on the original set.


Yes, the model01 doesn’t play nice with OS keymaps by default - you have to keep your OS set as QWERTY and change the layout in firmware. I maintain alternative firmware layouts that do play (reasonably) well with multiple OS keymaps, but they don’t match any of the printed keycaps.

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I submitted a pull request that allows to conveniently define keymaps with repect to the host keymap.

I use it to define and switch between a QWERTY and Norman layout on the keyboard that both work with german and US english or EurKey host keymap. That means that the sketch defines four independet keymaps that I can all select and use at runtime.

The idea is to allow other users to type on the normal PC keyboard while I am using the Model01. Some colleagues prefer german and other US english keyboards. That’s why I need to be flexible.

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FWIW, don’t be put off by the mentioned PR showing build/test errors. It seems that Travis is currently lacking build capacity which causes testing to fail.

I use this for my daily work.

Thanks @andrewg. What DVORAK layout do you suggest for Windows?


Thanks @noseglasses. I’ll have a look at this too.

Dvorak is pretty standard these days, so any layout that works for one OS should be the same as any other. I personally use Dvorak in the OS with the default “class1” setting in my firmware fork here: https://github.com/andrewgdotcom/Model01-Firmware

Thanks @andrewg. I decided to give Chrysalis a crack and put the default DVORAK layout on with that. Seems to match up with the key printings now and with the layout printed out I can find my way around easier. Some punctuation keys have moved from what I’m used too which is going to take some relearning but other than that… all good.

Thanks for the input again.

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