Dvorak and the Question Mark key

Hi all,
I’m twenty minutes into receiving my new board and am enjoying it.
I certainly plan on going deep and updating firmware, etc. but want to familiarize myself with the “out of the box” layout.

I cannot find my question mark !? (<-- this typed in with my butterfly-spring mac keys)
I’ve pecked all over the place but cannot seem to find it.

Can someone lend me a mark, so that next time this is typed fully from my keyboardio?


to answer my own question (and for others who might see and google this), you cannot use the Dvorak-mode of the computer with the default shipped QWERTY of the keyboardio.

Instead you have

  1. to flash the keyboard with dvorak (using the instructions here: https://github.com/keyboardio/Model01-Firmware)
  2. Leave the OS-system keyboard in standard QWERTY

So far I’m enjoying the hardware and the experience.

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For a keyboard layout that plays nice with OS-level QWERTY/Dvorak switching, try my fork at https://github.com/andrewgdotcom/Model01-Firmware . The default “class1” keymap should be usable with both.

That is weird, I can use fn+g (labeled als U on a qwerty) to produce a ‘?’.

I’m using macOS*, but that shouldn’t make a difference, right?

*: just to be clear: my Model 01 is in qwerty (unflashed), but macOS is setup to use Dvorak.

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That’s expected. The keycode for / on Dvorak is the same as [ on QWERTY. fn + U is sending shift + / (as interpreted by the OS Dvorak keymap), which is ?.