Changing my new keyboardio to default dvorak layout?

Do I need to flash new firmware to change my keyboard layout to dvorak, or is there some more trivial mechanism I’m missing? Ideally I’d be able to toggle quickly between dvorak and qwerty with just a button combo.

The quickstart guide was nice, but I feel like there’s a missing layer of more docs on common things you can do with your Keyboardio without having to search the forum.


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You will need to change the firmware, the factory firmware comes with QWERTY only. There’s a work in progress WiKi page here that shows how you can switch to Dvorak:

In another topic, I outlined a few ways to have both QWERTY and Dvorak available, in a way that allows easy switching between the two.

@Jennigma has been doing great work on the introductory documentation, they’ve started to improve rapidly lately. There are gaps here and there, but those holes will be filled eventually. The Kaleidoscope WiKi is going to be a good place to look for these things.

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I started writing docs about two weeks ago as a volunteer. I appreciate all the feedback you can give me, because I want to prioritize writing up the things people are doing. If you have any notes or commentary please feel free to reach out! You are also welcome to contribute directly to the wiki, if you prefer.

Ask for any help you need. We will absolutely make sure you can customize your keyboard, and we’ll learn from your experience how to make it better for others.

Welcome. I hope you love your keyboardio as much as I love my PVT00040!


Your page, coupled with the flash guide, helped me to get the Dvorak layout flashed to my keyboard. Thank you!

Along with making the Any key something useful (delete), and futzing with the thumb keys so Enter is there now and space is farther out for my large hands–I’ve settled on a layout that I’m going to try.

Anyone else have problems with the macOS not being able to remap the ‘{’ key when using the OS keyboard layout is Dvorak? The code was coming in as Ctrl-/ and Karabiner wouldn’t let me remap it.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction; the wiki instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


This is probably due to an abstraction leak. The magic ‘{’ ‘|’ ‘}’ keys in the Fn layer are expanded by the firmware into shift-down + key + shift-up key sequences, but these are merely an educated guess by the firmware based on what it thinks your OS keymap is currently set to. The key that usually holds ‘[{’ in qwerty is mapped to ‘/?’ in Dvorak, so it is probably the case that you haven’t correctly set up the key sequence expansion in the Fn layer for the magic keys ‘{’ ‘|’ ‘}’…