Reset to default

Hi all.

I have just received my Keyboardio. Loving the look and feel of the keyboard already…its already a keeper for definite for me!! :smiley:

The keyboard was orginally purchased by somebody else and they left the dvorak layout firmware installed so all they key are mapped in a way that is unable for me at the moment.

Is the a step by step process available to remap the keyboard to default? It will take me time to learn the in’s and out’s of the programming side of things as I am completely new to programming.


Follow one of these for Windows, Linux or MacOS and build and reinstall the default firmware.



Thanks buddy, appreciate the direction! Looking forward to learning the scope of the keyboard and contributing to this community! Wiki will be my friend for a while! :smiley:

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i saw that there was an update available so i said okay and now it’s wonky and the right side is screwed and i’m using the on-screen keyboard. how do fix it? Can I go back to stage 1 and a total reset?