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(Mark Melling) #1

Hi all.

I have just received my Keyboardio. Loving the look and feel of the keyboard already…its already a keeper for definite for me!! :smiley:

The keyboard was orginally purchased by somebody else and they left the dvorak layout firmware installed so all they key are mapped in a way that is unable for me at the moment.

Is the a step by step process available to remap the keyboard to default? It will take me time to learn the in’s and out’s of the programming side of things as I am completely new to programming.


(Noseglasses) #2

Follow one of these for Windows, Linux or MacOS and build and reinstall the default firmware.

(Mark Melling) #3


Thanks buddy, appreciate the direction! Looking forward to learning the scope of the keyboard and contributing to this community! Wiki will be my friend for a while! :smiley:

(Gaye) #4

i saw that there was an update available so i said okay and now it’s wonky and the right side is screwed and i’m using the on-screen keyboard. how do fix it? Can I go back to stage 1 and a total reset?