Right half of my Model 01 stops responding after switching to the dancy red and blue LED pattern

I just got my Model 01 today, and I’m loving it!

Before customizing any firmware, I played with the LED modes, and they all seemed to work very well. Then I started to play with the firmware, trying out different key mappings. Eventually I found a layout that I liked, but noted that when I pressed the LED button more than a couple of times, (specifically, when I get to the blue and red spinny light pattern) the right half of the keyboard shows a blue light below the minus key on the bottom left, and all keys on the right half of the keyboard stop sending any keypress signals until the keyboard is unplugged, and plugged back in.

I tried making a new sketch with the original firmware template (as far as I can tell it’s the original unmodified firmware). I flashed that to the keyboard, and indeed, the original layout is there, but the LED problem persists. I haven’t been able to get the keyboard back to a normal state where any of the LED patterns work without killing the right half of the keyboard. Any tips?

There was a problem with the LED Chase plugin recently, that resulted in exactly this kind of behaviour. How did you install Kaleidoscope? Via the Arduino boards manager, or did you pull from git?

Ooh, great to know. I installed via the Arduino board manager. Should I install from git master instead?

Yes, git master has a couple of fixes that aren’t released yet, this is one of them if I remember correctly.

Great! I’m trying to find instructions on how to install the board from my cloned repo on disk, but I don’t see them anywhere. Do you know if the process is written up somewhere?

Wait! I found it:

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Thanks so much, @algernon. All better now!

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Has anybody tested that guide on Windows yet?

Never mind, looking at that makefile, it won’t run on Windows.