A good abbreviation for Kaleidoscope

(Noseglasses) #1

I was informed that the abbreviation KS, that I used collides with KickStarter.

Any ideas for a suitable abbreviation for smartphone users?

(JP) #2

maybe KDS, KDSC, KScope?

(Gergely Nagy) #3

KScope is a record label too, which can be a bit confusing. I just taught my smartphone keyboard that typing “Ka” will offer “Kaleidoscope” as an option. Other than that, if talking within the context of keyboardio, or on these forums, “firmware”, or “fw” for short sounds like a reasonable abbreviation. I don’t think one would misunderstand that as firewall here. =)

(JP) #4

Fair enough, but like you said - context driven. We’re not talking about record labels. Where we may talk about kickstarter “KS”. At least I don’t think record labels. If we were afraid to use abbreviations for fear that someone else already is using it, we’d be writing stuff out long hand all the time.

IRA - Irish Republic Army? Individual Retirement Account?
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival? Electronic Travel Authorization? Euskadi Tia Askatasuna? Edited to Add?

(Michael Richters) #5

Apologies for continuing this topic in the wrong thread.