Advices for a beginner: position and good habits


I just acquired a model 1. So far so good, ergonomics seems fine. too early to judge.

After a practice session on a typing trainer I found myself hitting fn buttons by accident alot (it happens when I strech my fingers to reach row just above home row, especially when hitting ‘t’ and ‘y’ but also when hitting shift keys).

Also, I tend to type the ‘v’ key instead of the ‘c’ one, I guess that’s the ortho layout I’m not used to.

Currently I use the keyboard tented with the feet (inner part of the keyboard higher than the outer part).

Do you have some advices in terms of good habits to get asap to prevent problems cited earlier ?Did you have those issues when you began using m1 too ?

I’ve had the same problems. It took me about two weeks to stop hitting “v” instead of “c” which I did a LOT at first, and after more than 6 months I still hit Escape instead of b, Enter instead of h, LED instead of t, and Tab instead of g occasionally.

My best tip is to use other keyboards as little as possible.

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Learning to use the model 01 takes time, I would recomend trying different “tilt” variations to see what suits you the best, I spent the first few weeks with a tilt on the feet that I later found out I did not prefer.

Use typing games, there are a bunch recommended on this forum. I used running in a VM to not have to pay to save my progress (I really should just have payed)

I also changed the firmware to fit my needs, changing the firmware forces you to re-learn things so it may be a good idea to do it early, the first thing I did was to re-map the esc key.

Also try to use the keyboard “Correctly”, I only use the buttom part of my hand under my thumb for pressing the FN keys, never any parts of any fingers. I only use my thumbs for the modifier keys. What helped me is forcing myself to keep my hands still, only moving my fingers but resting my hands on the same stop all the time while learning the keyboard.

I spent around a month before I reached the speeds I got with other keyboard, but I also had to to do a bunch of re-mapping of keys due to my native language having some extra letters not available in the stock model 01 firmware.