After upload, use of LED key renders keyboard unusable

(Leonard Cuff) #1

I uploaded the default keymap for the first time. The left hand keyboard flashes during upload (but not the right), and initially everything is fine, but when I press the LED key, things go awry. The first time, the right hand keyboard stopped working. I uploaded several times. Most were the same, but the most recent one both sides of the keyboard stop working after I hit the LED key.


(Gergely Nagy) #2

What color are the LEDs when the keyboard stops working? Are they bright white, by any chance?


(Leonard Cuff) #3

No. Generally they are off. The LED key, in this last test, was still functional, though both sides of the keyboard were otherwise not responding. I don’t know if this is a clue but the lower right key : dash, lowline and pipe, has the blue LED on under it. No other key is lit.

As I test further, a little later the LED key also becomes unresponsive, all but 1 LED off.


(Leonard Cuff) #4

It turns out I was using version 1.93beta. I rolled back to the last release version 1.23, and the problems all went away.