Angry Keyboarding and OSMs

Who came up with one shot modifiers? Part of me wants to thank you and the other part wants to strangle you.

One shotting is unbelievably useful on the M01. Why isn’t OSM available on every KB? At home, I have a M01, where I can type in relative happiness and peace. At work I have a kinesis, and after trying to one shot my keys, I suddenly have the urge to hammer fist my kinesis, and if not my own $300 kinesis, I have to calm myself so I don’t hammer fist any co-workers keyboards. And no, I’m not advocating violence against input devices… Read this tongue in cheek and have a laugh.

Anyone else utterly disappointed and nearly miserable going to a non M01?

My 2nd M01 can’t come soon enough…


I am just going to ask my boss to get me one for my work place. I am going to argue it’s making me more efficient at my job. Right now I have to bring my own along…

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Yup, palm keys and OneShot are life changers. I sent the kinesis to the boneyard and am carrying my Model 01 from computer to computer around the house, and figuring out how to reconfigure my laptop carry bag to accommodate it.


It’s a very similar concept (although better) to Sticky Keys which have been around for a while. I’ve used them in Windows when my hands are really bothering me. Just never got into the habit of always using them.

The earliest I could trace was this commit in TMK. The feature may have existed before, and I would be very surprised if it didn’t exist at least as a concept a decade or two before that, but perhaps under a different name.

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And Sticky Keys itself goes back to Macintosh System 6. At least.

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