Arrival day plus one

the build quality surpassed my expectations based on the online pics. They really don’t do it justice. The switches are high quality, the keyboard sounds solid, and the fit and finish is great.

learning to type again is…interesting. I’ve accustomed super quickly to the moved enter and space keys to my surprise. and I love the up/down with the palm key on j/k.

im struggling mightily with the v/b and 9/0. am I the only one that wishes the v was a tad bigger and went right a little more?

id also recommend the homing bar on the thumb keys either be changed to the top or a centered dot. you have to feel around for it now, as it isn’t where the thumb naturally hits.

overall, I love it. I type about 80wpm on a regular keyboard and am probably back to like 40, albeit with many v/b and 9/0 typos.


After a month I’m getting there with B/V & 9/0, but still have problems with G/Tab & Enter/H.

I think many people have problems with the thumb key dots.

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