First post here using my new Keyboardio M01

Hello everyone. After a not too lengthy wait but a lengthy journey halfway across the globe my M01 finally arrived the day before yesterday. I wonder if I’m the first user in India? @jesse or someone have any statistics on that?

I decided to go jump into the water and disconnected my old keyboard and plugged in the M01 as I don’t have any urgent typing projects right now.

This keyboard is literally forcing me to do proper fingering and not the ad-hoc anything goes anywhere fingering I was doing all these years with the “normal” keyboards.

After keeping hitting Q instead of A and W instead of E some times due to bad finger posture I am now getting used to the key positions slowly. Only chording sequences have me hesitating. The sooner I get OneShot installed the better for me.

I can’t understand why some people are reselling their newly bought M01. This is truly a delight to type on…


Sadly, one made it to Bangalore in February :slight_smile:


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