Model01 Wanted in the UK (ACQUIRED)

Looking for a mint condition M01 in the UK.

Would prefer a relatively recent MP revision.

If you’re still looking in a couple of weeks, give me a nudge.

I’ve just got a new M01 as a potential Ergodox replacement, but the decision to switch is not as straightforward as I’d hoped. I should have settled on one by then.

(I’m in London.)

Will do and thanks, am not sure to hope you like it or not!

So, did you like it? I might be interested :slight_smile:

I decided to part with the Model 01, but have sold it to @nevd, sorry.

Its arrived, I shifted my thumb keys, flashed my sketch and it feels like an old friend already!

I never thought I would hate using other keyboards until I got so used to my Model01!

Been using a Matias board with quiet click switches but I think it might be time to find it a new home!!

Thanks again @heavyperil

You’re very welcome, I’m happy it’s found a good home!