[WANTED] Model 01, Europe/UK


I’m looking for a quiet click Model01 in good condition.
I’m in UK, but shipping from anywhere in Europe is fine.


Hi Frank,

I have one in very good condition. I also have the case and two brand new sets of keycaps. One of them unpainted. I’m in Spain. The price would be 350€ and then you’d have to pay the for the shipping.

I’m selling it because I never get used to it. I’m currently using a kinesis advantage 2 and it works much better to my hands.

If you are interested let me know and I’d send you pictures.


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Hello Arnau!
350 for the whole lot, travel case & extra keycaps?
Where in Spain are you? I’m in Barcelona, with a bit of luck we could even arrange pick-up instead of having to ship it.

Hi Tomas,

Indeed, 350€ for the whole set: keyboard, travel case and the two sets of extra key caps.

Would be great to not have to ship it. Also because although the keyboard is perfect, I’d prefer you see it and touch it before you buy it.

Currently I’m on holidays and I don’t return to Barcelona until the 5/8.

Can you wait?



Excellent! I’d obviously prefer to meet up in person myself. I’m in no rush, more than happy to wait until you’re back in town.

I don’t think I can DM you on here, but if you email me at {my_first_name} . {my_last_name} [at] gmail.com we can arrange the details.

Hi Tomas,

Check your email, please.