[sold] Looking for a new home for my Model 01

After trying to get used to typing on my new Model 01 for a bit, I came to the unfortunate conclusion it is not the right keyboard for me.

So for anyone seriously interested, please DM me for details. Everything is hardly used and is working and looking great (it and has the quiet keys with query keycaps).

I’m located in the EU (The Netherlands) but I’m fine with shipping it overseas. Looking to get around $300, but will consider offers.

In the end I would be happy if I can make someone else happy with this very nice keyboard. And that the keyboard does not end up in some dusty corner of someones desk…

Hey! I’m also in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) and I’m waiting for mine to be shipped. Is it working okay? Got the receipt? I’m interested :slight_smile:

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