[SOLD] New Model 01 Keyboard ($270)

Item: Model 01 Keyboard
Price: $270 (free shipping)
Condition: New (never used)
Location: Japan

Arrived in the mail December, 10th. Tried it for a few minutes. I don’t think I can get used to it. I should’ve done more research before buying to understand what I was getting into. It’s in perfect condition.

Would you be able to ship to the UK? I’d be interested.
You can PM me if you want to discuss the details.

Hi Jean. Sure I can. I’ll PM you.

Hi @jorgebucaran, I am interested too. If Jean-Michel doesn’t want it, please do get in touch with me! Would be shipping to Germany. Thank you!

Thanks Kleemarie. Let’s see. I’ll go to my post office today to check shipping costs and let you know.


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