[SOLD] New Model 01 Keyboard ($270)

(Jorge Bucaran) #1

Item: Model 01 Keyboard
Price: $270 (free shipping)
Condition: New (never used)
Location: Japan

Arrived in the mail December, 10th. Tried it for a few minutes. I don’t think I can get used to it. I should’ve done more research before buying to understand what I was getting into. It’s in perfect condition.

LTB Keyboardio Model 01 Case in US
(Jean Michel) #2

Would you be able to ship to the UK? I’d be interested.
You can PM me if you want to discuss the details.

(Jorge Bucaran) #3

Hi Jean. Sure I can. I’ll PM you.


Hi @jorgebucaran, I am interested too. If Jean-Michel doesn’t want it, please do get in touch with me! Would be shipping to Germany. Thank you!

(Jorge Bucaran) #5

Thanks Kleemarie. Let’s see. I’ll go to my post office today to check shipping costs and let you know.