[SOLD] Model 01-Q for sale in US; virtually unused

Item: Model 01-Q in original box
Price: $250, free shipping in US
Condtion: superb; has only spent a total of five minutes out of the box
Location: Iowa

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

I’m just too old to want to take on the muscle memory retraining, lovely as it is! ;-(

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Is it still available? Do you know which batch of keyboards this was? (How old is it)? Is it the quiet click?

Would you be willing to ship to Montreal, Canada? It’d save me a to to the border which I’m trying to avoid… If not, I’d look to have it shipped to Champlain NY.

Please send me a PM and we can discuss arrangements.


Hello, I could purchase this. You can email me at my username at gmail if you are interested in still selling.

already sold. sorry! I will take down the listing now. Hope you find another one…

  • Jon

only now saw your query. alas, I have sold the keyboard. I will take down the listing now. sorry! hope you find another one.

Thanks Jon. Great keyboard!

excellent—glad it worked out—enjoy it!

  • J