[sold] FS: Unused Model 01

I need to sell my new Model 01 (I opened the box, looked at it, closed the box) and prefer it go to someone else in the community. Asking $329 + shipping, and I will ship in the original packaging. I live in the greater Los Angles area and I’m happy (prefer) to do a local exchange. Contact me directly: matthew at code hack create dot com.

I’m in NYC, but maybe having a comment on this will raise interest?

@pcurry, thanks for the bump, I sold the keyboard today.

@dnotq Curious where you ended up doing the sale and if you got your asking price. Just wondering if there’s a market out there that didn’t back the kickstarter.

I bought it and paid the asking price - I saw the ad and decided not to wait months for them to ship one!

How have you been liking it?

This was a while ago, but I’m still loving the keyboard! So glad I could buy one used.