SOLD - Selling Model 01 – CONUS Only - $290 Delivered

Item: Model 01
Price: $290
Condtion: Good
Location: Virginia

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
Selling Model 01 – CONUS Only - $290 Delivered

Model 01 has now been sold as of 6 Nov 2020 (6:30 PM).

Price is $270 + shipping Continental US (CONUS) only and I estimate shipping at $20 hence $290 delivered.

Everything works as new and I have about 20 hours on it.

This has the quite keys shipped to me Oct 2017.

I purchased 2 of these new when they were initially released with the intent of having one at work and one at home.

There was a big learning curve and I have crested it however, the big footprint of the keyboard on a small desk cannot be overcome. I need to sell one before I can get something else.

I met Jessie and Kiya when they were doing the tour generating interest around 2015 – 2016 when they came to VA. They were such great people with an amazing vision.

The Model 01 on eBay (see link below) delivered (price + shipping) go for around $280-$310 (between Aug – Sep 20; the first historical price for $79 appears to be incorrect or a scam).

Historical Data for Model 01:

Current eBay listings for Model 01:


Reply to this listing or Direct Message (DM) me and I will give you a PayPal address. After receiving the funds, I will ship the keyboard the next business day via UPS store with tracking information.

If the keyboard does not sell on this forum, it will be on eBay next week.

Thank you for the consideration,


Hi! I’d be interested and I’m probably pretty close to you too assuming you’re up in NOVA? I’m not finding a way to message you though which I’m thinking might be because my account is new?

You can reach me via username at gmail.