Model 01 keyboard QWERTY 229$ US-California

Item: Model 01 keyboard
Price: 229$ excluding shipping
Condtion: New
Location: California, US

Bought in 2019 Thanksgiving sale for 279$ (original price 329$) after having read glowing reviews on and Used only for ~3 hours. Could not get my thumbs to get used to the new design. Packed the keyboard back into original packaging after wiping. Original packaging, with all parts in their original place, available. This amounts basically to a new Model 01 keyboard for a 100$ discount (excluding shipping). I have to check how much it costs to ship via USPS, if it is not too expensive, I will not charge shipping fees.

I think this is a quiet click, with black keycaps.

Is this still available?

Hi, Yes, but I am not in the US for the summer, will return mid Aug. Another person also expressed interest. Will reach out when I am back.

Hi, I am back in the US. If you are still interested in the keyboard let me know.

This is still available. Lowering price to 200$ excluding shipping.
Please DM if anybody is interested.