For Sale: Model 01, as-new, original box, extra white keycaps [San Francisco, CA] $180

Item: Model 01, complete with cables, accessories, tool, original box and instruction card. Also a spare set of plain white keycaps.
Price: $180
Condtion: As-new
Location: San Francisco, CA

Selling up my Model 01 from the original Kickstarter (MP2 production run.) I love it very much, but ultimately haven’t developed a habit of using it — I switch between laptop and desktop too much. As such, it’s in original condition (with firmware updates.) Would love to get it on to someone who will enjoy it more.

A local buyer in San Francisco/Bay Area who can collect would be easiest for me, but I can ship it if you cover the postage.


Hello there,

I would like to buy it. Would you be willing to ship to Austria?

Best regards