For Sale: 2x Model01 quiet click + clear keycaps (San Francisco)

Item: Keyboardio Model 01 #000747 & #002895, plus 1 translucent keycaps
Price: $225 per keyboard, $30 keycaps (or $450 for everything) plus shipping
Condtion: Very good
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

Both keyboards come with:

  • layout card
  • one flat joiner
  • one curved joiner
  • one short ethernet cable
  • one long ethernet cable
  • two octopus feet with screws
  • qwerty keycaps

I can only find one Keyboardio branded screwdriver and one printed manual, but you’re welcome to them if you want them for some reason.

They are fantastic keyboards (so good that I have purchased I think 4 total?), but I have a tiny SF apartment and a keyboard problem, so I’m clearing out older keyboards to make room for newer ones.


Would you be up for shipping to the UK? I’d be interested in one keyboard plus the translucent caps.


Sure, I don’t mind shipping to the UK. Let’s work out the details. :+1:t2:

I am interested. If the other buyer cancels, shoot me a message.



hi andre,
'interested in a Model 01-Q with translucent keycaps. Still in stock?
looking forward

Hi by any chance is this still available ?

Please say yes ^^ , serious buyer here.


AY from france