[sold] For Sale: new Keyboardio Model 01, quiet click, EU

I am selling my Keyboardio Model 01 (QWERTY) which has been sitting on my desk for over two years.

  • Hardly ever used (just a few hours, my muscle memory is too strong to get used to it)
  • Extra set of keycaps (also QWERTY)
  • USB cable

Item: Model 01
Price: EUR350 plus shipping
Condition: Almost new (used for few hours)
Location: Netherlands

Is it still available?

Yes it is! DM me at @hackteck on Twitter please so I can answer any questions you may have. Alternatively message me here on this board but I’m unfamiliar with its person to person messaging features.

Update: the keyboard has been sold

The keyboard has arrived, condition as advertised :+1:t2:
Thank you!