[sold] Model 01 quiet click QWERTY and optional extras -- $169 -- US-Northern VA, shipping negotiable

Item: Keyboardio Model 01 with quiet click switches and QWERTY keycaps
Price: $169
Condition: Good – slight visible wear on the palmrests and a few keycaps
Location: US-Northern VA, can ship for negotiable extra

Used for ~9 months on and off, well-maintained – I’m selling only because I have a second Model 01 as well as a Model 100, and haven’t figured out a rationalization to continue owning all three.

Includes the original parts: cardboard shipping box with foam packaging, base stands, RJ45 and USB cables, flat and trinted bridges, keycap/switches tool, Keyboardio screwdriver pen.

For a few extra bucks I can throw in a spare set of QWERTY keys and/or Linear A keys – both sets hardly used!

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Hi I’d like to buy this with the Linear A keys as an add-on. I’m in Berkeley, California. What are the next steps?

Thank you!

sent you a private msg