[For sale - US] Model01 Quiet Click with Qwerty, Blank, and Clear keycaps - $300 includes shipping to continental US

Item: Model01 Quiet Click with Qwerty, Blank, and Clear keycaps and a few extra switches just in case.
Price: $300 including shipping to continental US
Condtion: Very good
Location: Seattle, WA

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
I’ve decided to sell one of my Model01 boards as it’s been sitting around for over a year since I began working from home. It’s in great condition without a single blemish. The only issue I’ve ever had with it is some key chatter on two switches, which has always been solved with just some alcohol.


  • Model01
  • Original box
  • All original accessories
    • Straight and angled connector plates
    • Keyboardio screwdriver
    • Octostands
    • Long and short Cat-5 cables
    • Currently has a magnetic USB-C cable, if you’d rather a normal one, let me know and I’ll swap it out
  • Will toss in a few extra key switches as well. I had one go out on the board I’m keeping and just bought 10 of them. So, I figure why not toss a few in the mail with this one just in case you need them in the future.
  • 3 sets of keycaps:
    • Qwerty
    • Blank/Black
    • White/Transparent
    • As you can see in the pictures, this lets you do neat designs on the board, like spell out TUNA. :joy:

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-admire your keycap-capabilities. How soon could you be able to ship. to Lorton-VA?

So sorry for the delay. I’ve been on vacation and the cabin turned out to have no WiFi or cell signal. I can ship within’ 1-2 days of payment.

This is still available.