FS: Model01 #PVT00015 Quiet QWERTY + Stands + Translucent Keycaps: $275, PDX Oregon

Item: Model01 Quiet click PVT unit, stands, original packaging, angled center bar, long connector cable, laminated key chart, PLUS a set of translucent keycaps
Price: $275 + Shipping (so you can select shipping provider/speed and costs are more transparent)
Condtion: Great, light use but no physical blemishes/wear
Location: Portland, OR

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
I was an early backer and got one of the PVT run. I used it occasionally but had to go back to my Kinesis Advantage as a daily driver, so the m01 has been back in the box for over a year.

Extensive unboxing pics here: Keyboardio Model 1 | Flickr
Current photo:

Hey Eric wanted to know if the unit was still available?

Yep, I’m @ahpook on venmo or eric@explosive.net on paypal - hit me with the asking price and it’s yours.

Is this still available?

@M3rs Yes, the other responder didn’t follow up.

@ahpook Do you have an idea of the shipping cost so I can paypal you in a single transaction? Do you have an email I can send you my mailing address?

@m3rs are you in the US? If so, looks like USPS Priority Mail flat-rate for this box size is $21, of which i’ll cover half to get 'er done. e-mail ahpook@gmail.com

@ahpook I am, I just sent you an email / paypal

Update: SOLD, thanks Andy!