For Sale: Model 01 quiet click, barely used but needs some new switches

Item: Model 01 quiet click (probably MP2).
Price: Make an offer
Location: Portland, OR
Condtion/Description: Only used for a couple months before the switches started failing so no noticeable wear. The backspace key, according to default layout, is the worst and rarely works while the right command cluster infrequently has phantom clicks/presses when using keys near it. Will come with the original box, packaging, and accessories, except for the USB cable since I don’t know which one it is anymore. While I was inspecting the condition I noticed one of the screws was little stripped but hopefully will be okay with an appropriate sized driver.

Not taking pictures since there may not be any interest given the issues, but if you are interested feel free to request them or an in person inspection if you happen to live in the area.

Hello ! Would you, by chance, be okay to send it overseas to France ? Im very interested.

Pretty sure I can manage international shipping, could be expensive though. I’ll get some pictures up on the weekend for you.

Depends on the item price itself. If the overall price stays correct it’s ok for me :slight_smile:

Couldn’t find a way to edit the original post so inserting photos here.

@alex.centar Shipping estimate for the keyboard in original box via USPS 75 USD.

Hi @Parker do you still have it? What is the asking price? Thanks!

Nope, already sold. Shame we can’t edit posts or titles.