[SOLD] MP5 Model 01 For Sale

Item: Model 01 MP5 Quiet Click, serial #3112
Price: $300, shipping included
Condtion: Like new. Used for a few hours each day for 2 weeks. Will ship in original packaging.
Location: Madison, WI

Keyboard is in perfect condition, I have taken good care of it. The keyboard is awesome and I love looking at it on my desk, but unfortunately I have not been able to adjust to the increased travel of keyswitches. I think laptop keyboards have ruined my fingers. Would love to find a better home for it.

Basic shipping costs to the USA included. If you want something extra (expedited, international, etc) that’s fine but I’ll ask you to pay the difference.

Is the keyboard still available?

Yes, it is. Has been sitting in it’s packaging since this post went up, still in the condition described above.

Jeremy ended up purchasing someone else’s Model 01, this one is still available!

I just got one for home and was thinking about getting one for work as well, just so I can get used to the layout faster if I deal with it on a daily basis. Is this still for sale and if so

  • Do you have pictures of the keyboard’s condition? I’m interested mostly in checking the condition of the keycaps and the wood enclosure.
  • Also, when did you purchase the keyboard (for warranty purposes)?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

(I think I hit the wrong reply button and sent you this message in a PM as well, sorry about that!)

I’ll reply here, so everyone can see the answers

  • I added some pictures to the original post. Let me know if you want to see any alternate angles.
  • I purchased it on 5/11, the keyboard shipped on 6/20, and it was delivered to me on 7/3. I’m not sure which of those dates is relevant for the warranty.
  • I can accept payment over PayPal, Square Cash, or Apple Pay.

Looks great! Could you ping me at admin@sonictk.com with the PayPal details (That will be the easiest for me)? We can discuss shipping and stuff there as well.

Keyboard has been sold.