FS Model 01 Quiet Click MP5 - $199 Shipped

Hi all,

I received the keyboard in July but haven’t gotten around to using it as I have found myself on a laptop mostly working on-site jobs. The wood and build quality is just brilliant, I think someone else would really enjoy and get some use out of it. I’ve only used it for around 5 hours so it’s practically new.

Comes with every item and document in the original box + a purple Cat 6 RJ47 ethernet cable


Item: Model 01
Price: $199 USD
Condtion: Perfect, barely used
Location: Australia, Brisbane

Hi can you check shipping to 48083? Troy Michigan

Hi Troy,

The shipping to your address is $50 US


Thanks for the info, I ended up purchasing one from TX.

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Do you still have this available, what would shipping be to Mesa, AZ

@FlowingHandz $260 including shipping~

Consider it sold, you’ll have the cash tomorrow. What’s your PayPal address!!!



@FlowingHandz Still for sale~

Still for sale, will ship worldwide

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Hi, interested. Could you give me a quote for this to Madrid Spain?

Hi JasoonS
$229 USD Shipped w/Insurance

Hi Dan, perfect, I’ll send you a PM.

[Pending Sold] - JasoonS

If it doesn’t sell, please let me know. I am very interesting.


@dan_esc If it is not sold, I will buy it today, immediately, now even :wink:

@dan_esc Is this still available? Thanks.

Hi, is this please available?
If not, could you mark the thread [sold]?

So, I take it you successfully bought it? :slight_smile: