Sold: Brand New Barely Used Model 01 - EDIT: Pictures Added

EDIT: Sold

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: $250 Shipped (Continental USA)
Condtion: Brand New
Location: Southern USA

I would prefer Paypal if possible for payment. I will ship you the keyboard and everything that came with it, including the original packaging. The price is $250 - I will pay for shipping and the Paypal fee.

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

This is a brand new Model 01 Quiet Click, just purchased last weekend. I used it for a few hours, and realized pretty quickly that I wouldn’t be able to acclimate to the layout due to needing to use other keyboards frequently for my job. It does feel pretty excellent to type on!
I did move a couple keycaps around on the thumb buttons. If that bothers you, let me know and I’ll switch them back before shipping.


Do you have pictures you can share and which MP run this was?

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to get some decent pictures. I’ll update the topic on Monday. What do you mean by MP run?

Very interested. Looking for a second quiet click for work. Please let me know asap.

I’ve updated the topic with pictures. Let me know if you’re still interested - sorry for the delay!

I am still interested, are we able to direct message each other on this forum?

I’m sure it’s possible, but I guess I don’t have the ability to, yet. Not sure what forum activity is required to enable it…

Edit: That post just upgraded my trust level, haha. I think I can PM now. Sending you one.

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