[For Sale] Model 01 Quiet Click $230 USD / $315 AUD - Sydney, Australia

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: $230 USD / $315 AUD
Condtion: Barely used - still in box with all accessories.
Location: Sydney, Australia

I ordered a Model01 and an Ergodox at the same time - the Ergodox arrived first and I got used to it, so didn’t really put any effort into trying to get used to the Model01. It’s been used for mere hours then put back in its box - all accessories are included and it’s in pristine condition.

I’ll include shipping within Australia (or you can collect in Sydney) and will ship basically anywhere else at buyer’s expense.

There’s also a set of blank keycaps coming … sometime. I’ll see if Jesse can redirect those to whomever buys this.

I might be interested depending on the cost to ship to Seattle, WA.

Coincidentally I have a colleague that’s flying to Seattle tomorrow. If you can confirm quickly and we can organise payment somehow (PayPal?) I can ask if he can carry this keyboard to Seattle for you. How does that sound?


I’m interested. Trying to figure out how to private message you. Paypal works.


@dec if I can figure out how to private message you, I am very interested. :slight_smile:

Hey @dec, was this sold already? Looking to buy a Model 01 in Sydney.

@dec I’m in Vietnam and currently own a loud-click (which I’m loving) but it’s too disruptive for the office.

I’m willing to buy yours immediately.

You still have this for sale