For Sale: Model 01 (needs switch replacement)

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: Negotiable
Condtion: Needs Repair
Location: St. Louis, MO (would ship)

This keyboard was used with love, but it needs a switch replacement for the T key (I have switches to put in. I just don’t trust myself to do it)

It comes with several accessories: the bag, Qwerty keycaps, Black blanks, White blanks, 2 spare enclosures (the left one has a small crack, but is entirely usable). I’d entertain any reasonable offer from this group. I’m mostly just looking for a good home.

I will post pictures when I can.

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If you’d prefer to keep using it, I can do the switch replacement and send it back to you. No charge.


That’s very generous, but I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way. I’d at least insist on paying.

It’s no bother, less than a minute of work per switch with the right tools.

If you insist, prepay return shipping and throw a can of local brew in the box (hard to find Schlafly here in Oakland!) and we’ll call it even. Feel free to email me at :slight_smile:

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