Model 01 w/ Quiet Click Switches + QWERTY + COLEMAK Keycaps

Model 01 w/ Quiet Click Switches + QWERTY + COLEMAK Keycaps
Serial number 003296 (MP5)
(Newer Matias switches are used from MP3 forward and use a different lubricant, which dramatically reduces chatter.)
270EUR + Shipping
Very good condition
Ships from France in original packaging
I would prefer not shipping it around the world, but might be influenceable

The keyboard is very clean and everything works very well. I just didn’t get used to the combination of layout and switches.


  • octofeet
  • 2x plastic connectors (flat and angled)
  • 2x bridge cables to connect the two halves (original short and bonus long one)
  • Keyboardio screw driver
  • Original USB-C to USB-A cable (forgot to include it in the picture)
  • QWERTY keycaps
  • COLEMAK keycaps (new)

Three minor items are missing from the original full package:

  • The left grey foam cover for packaging, as seen on the second picture. (I have a handmade foam cover to compensate for it.)
  • The laminated cheat sheet (you can print it from the Keyboardio site and have it laminated if you really want it)
  • The original Quick Start Guide in paper form

I saw your offer for 220€
Looking for a second Model01 ‘quiet click’.
You can keep both sets of keycaps if you’d like to sell them separately, and knock off another 10€ discount.
Can you explain the mp3 mp5 difference and if/how this is reflected by the Serial Number. My personal Model is SN: ~1700 I believe, although it could also have been modded from the first user, so not sure about my setup. How to differentiate?
#How many hours/days in use? What do you mean by new switches? What type of Lube?
#Whats your price to ship to Switzerland?

Currently in contact with another Seller in my area so can’t make any promises yet.

Hi x1r, I’m actually also already in contact with a potential buyer from Germany, so I will have to see if the sale works out with him or not.
Regarding the MP3/5 differences, I quoted this post in my original post:

I then enquired with Jesse by email what type of MP mine is, and he told me that it is an MP5, going by the SN. But that’s all I know about the subject… sorry!

In case my sale doesn’t work out, I’ll contact you directly. Thanks!

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Hi x1r (and other potential buyers), I confirm that this one is now sold. I don’t have the necessary status yet to modify the post’s title to include “sold”, as far as I can tell. Cheers