Model 01 Quiet switches + travel case + Colemak keycaps (Germany)

Item: Model 01 Quiet switches + travel case + Colemak keycaps (serial 493)
Price: 320 EUR + shipping
Condtion: very good
Location: Leipzig, Germany

A bit heavily heartedly I’m offering my Model 01 from the first Kickstarter batch (serial 493) for sale. It basically hasn’t been used beyond some testing as I always wanted to take the time to seriously get started with it and at the same time learning the Colemak keyboard layout, but it doesn’t appear that this is something I’ll manage with two small kids at home that started arriving shortly after I received the Colemak keycaps :slight_smile: - I guess I’ll stick with what I know - my regular laptop keyboard. So beyond a bit of testing, the Model 01 is unused. I even got the travel case for it to take it on trips, but that case just ended up as a storage case at home.
Of course, all the keys work, the keyboard has no visible flaws and comes with the original box including most original accessories (including the orange screw driver that I forgot to include in the photos).

Two minor items are missing from the package:

The laminated cheat sheet (you can print it from the Keyboardio site and have it laminated if you really want it)
The original Quick Start Guide in paper form

The keyboard currently has the Colemak set installed, but I’d be happy to swap it back to the original QWERTY set, which is of course included.

For keyboard and travel case including import duties I paid around 400 EUR and I’d like 320 EUR + shipping. If you’re in Leipzig, you can of course also come by, test out the keyboard and directly pick it up.

While I only registered today in the forum, I’ve been a long time lurker since it was set up to read about the Model 01 and using it. For anyone interested in buying, I’m also happy to provide details from the Kickstarter to help verify that I did back for keyboard and I’m sure if you reach out to Keyboardio, they could confirm the email I use on the forum matches with my Kickstarter account that I backed their Model 01 Kickstarter with. Maybe they even kept track of which serial # when to which backer.

entire set (not showing the original packaging and the included screwdriver):

close up Model 01:

Model 01 + cables + mounting brackets fitting nicely the travel case:

(let me know if you’d like to see any additional photos - I could only post 3 to begin with)

Thanks for looking,

Happy to buy, do you ship to Belgium?

Hi Jasper-Hilven,
Certainly! I just checked the different shipping options and DHL would be the cheapest at 15.99 EUR. Hermes is 18.90 EUR and Dpd 19 EUR. Any preference?
If this sounds good to you, you can PM me with your address and preferred shipping option. We can discuss the rest, like payment in PM.

Are you happy with the Coleman layout or do you wish me to swap it back to qwerty?

This is sold! Could someone with edit permissions rename the title to reflect that? Thanks!

Received it in perfect condition, already programmed it with Chrysalis, everything is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great! Hope you’re getting used to it quick and it’s finally getting the use it deserves to get. :slight_smile: