[sold] For Sale: Model 01 ( from Czechia EU)

Item: keyboardio mode 01
Price: 280 euro
Condtion: like new - barely touched
Location: Czech republic / Europe

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/oILpHTI
Layout: QWERTY

I had keyboardio for about a year don’t exactly recall when it arrived but I haven’t been using it almost at all, so it is like new. Switches were the non-clicky type, maybe you can figure it out from model #003568 which ones exactly. I don’t have original box, nor the screwdriver :-).
About the price, I had to pay also VAT for import into EU, don’t recall the sum exactly, but surely more than 300 euro

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Hello !

Can you evaluate the shipping price to France (Brest) ?

A keyboard with quiet switches will be welcomed by my co-workers :blush:

Greetings. I would be interested - can you tell me the shipping for the UK, please?

Hi there,

the switches aren’t super quiet :slight_smile: just to be clear about that, but I picked the model with more quiet variant. I’ve checked shipping cost and its going to about 19 euro via UPS. It was suggested as cheapest variant by https://www.balikdozahranici.cz/

let me know if you are intersted, you were first to contact me.


I’ve checked shipping to England and it’s about 19euro.
Let me know if that’s ok with you. I’ll contact you if Rom1deTroyes doesn’t take it.

The price is good, but I must decline : with a Model01, and a couple of Atreus, my keyboard budget reach an end for this season :frowning:

Happy selling, and thanx for your quick responses !

Hello from Vienna, Austria. Is the keyboard still for sale?

Hi Klaudia,

yes it’s still available :slight_smile:

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Oh great! … How does this dm stuff work here? :wink:

Hm, I can’t send you a direct message, it seems. Got an error message. Can you send me one? Questions are, how much is shipping to Austria? And how would you like to handle payment?

@jinxxproof : As a new user, you can’t send personal messages to other users.

You can either talk in public (like here), or gain trust from Community by learning how it works :

Cheers !

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Ah, it’s a feature! ;D Okay, since I guess, most of the community trust will come, when I start testing/experimenting with the Model01 and will have a thread on that, I guess, I will have to trust the community first: … [at] zotzmann- koch .com Please send me an email, then. :slight_smile:

keyboardio was sold, I’d be happy to mark this thread as closed, but I cannot find out how to edit the title.